Vanessa Grimaldi Reveals Why She Wanted Chase McNary to Be the Bachelor

Vanessa Grimaldi is that one contestant the bachelor nation has been rooting for since the night of the premiere.

The 28 year old Canadian native charmed Nick Viall as soon as she got out of the limo.

In an interview with Glamour, Vanessa talked about the deal breakers in a relationship and why she wanted to have JoJo Fletcher cast-off Chase McNary be the bachelor before Nick Viall got the job, and more.

About the deal breakers in a relationship.

“I think the biggest hurdle in relationships is sometimes having to…like, I’m the kind of person that when I’m in a serious relationship, I adopt the mentality of: How is this going to affect us? Who I socialize with? Where I go? I always think about the other person I’m dating and how it’s going to affect them. I guess for me, I’m trying to find someone who has that same mentality and can adopt that same mind frame as well. And, definitely, I want someone who wants kids. I’m 28 years old, and that’s something I’m starting to think of. I’m not in a rush. I don’t want to have kids with just anyone. But I definitely want to start a family and have what my family has.”

About Chase..

“It’s funny because my friend was the one who submitted my photo. Since my last significant relationship three years ago, she was like, “You gotta go on this show! You’re not finding anyone.” I was always very skeptical of that. I just wasn’t ready. I haven’t done online dating yet or anything. Well, this year she decided to submit my picture without me knowing. When I got the call from one of the producers, I was really shocked. [But] everyone so far here on the show has been really amazing. My friend asked me who I would like the bachelor to be, and I thought you had to automatically choose someone from the previous season. I guess I was really nervous in my interview, so I said Chad, but I meant to say Chase! I was mortified!”




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