Bachelor Nation is Throwing Major Shade at Dean Unglert – Read Tweets

Former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants and the fans of the show are not happy with Dean Unglert after Monday and Tuesday’s episodes of Bachelor in Paradise.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, Jade Roper, Astrid Loch, Olivia Caridi and many others from the Bachelor family threw some major shade at Dean and sent a whole lot of love to Kristina Schulman.

(Scroll down for the harsh tweets directed at the Bachelorette contestant)

Dean and Kristina hit it off from the first day on BIP. Recently, though, Dean, who wasn’t on the same page as Kristina, had diverted his focus on Danielle Lombard.

Let’s start with a tweet from one of our favorite Bachelorette’s of all time.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Olivia Caridi

“Boys like Dean are the reasons I got trust issues”

“Okay more of what I just said but DAMN Kristina you are a diamond & you deserve way better than little boys k”

She said ‘LITTLE BOYS’!!!!!

Oh, boy! That’s gotta hurt..

Astrid Loch

“Ladies: If a man cares about you he will show you. Actions speak louder than words. It’s that simple”

Evan Bass


“I’m literally talking to my unborn daughter giving her tips on how to avoid f word boys. Thank you Paradise for these teachable moments.”

Evan and Carly are having a girl.. just btw!

Carly Waddell

Jade Tolbert

Kristina Schulman


“I’m not ready for that level of commitment” says Dean, the boy who went on the show where you propose at the end”

Dean is basically every guy ever. “I know she’s perfect for me, but that other girl is just so HOT”

Who is the next Bachelor though? You don’t have to wait too long.. It’ll be revealed in a day or two!

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