These are Zach’s TOP 4 Contestants For Hometown Dates – Find out Which 3 Contestants Are Eliminated

Zach Shallcross’ season of the Bachelor is almost coming to an end.

Next week is the hometowns episode of The Bachelor. These are the 3 contestants that are going to be eliminated this week on the ABC show.

Brooklyn Willie

Katherine Izzo

Greer Blitzer

So, the three contestants that are going to get eliminated on The Bachelor are Brooklyn Willie, Katherine Izzo, and Greer Blitzer.

Greer Blitzer would return on the show only to be sent home.

That means only one thing..

These are Zach’s TOP 4 contestants on his season of The Bachelor.

Gabi Elnicki

Kaity Biggar

Ariel Frenkel

Charity Lawson