The Show Was Over After Arie’s and Lauren’s Date – Blogs Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay thinks The Bachelor was over after Arie and Lauren one on one date in Tuscany.

The former Bachelorette will be writing down her thoughts about the reality dating show every week on Us Weekly.

Here’s what she wrote about Arie and Lauren’s date.

The show is over:

“Arie and Lauren B. go on their date. On this date there are a lot of new things that Arie and Lauren B. are experiencing together but one thing remains constant: the lack of communication. Those are not red, white and green flags waving in the distance, those are red ones. Is it just me or is this not alarming? Arie is again concerned about his relationship with Lauren B., as he should be. I, too, am worried that there is no depth in this relationship. Arie states and I painfully see it as well that he is trying so hard … harder than in any other relationship. I wonder: is this love, infatuation, or just the hard-to-get challenge of it all?

During the night, Lauren finally opens up and states that she is falling in love with Arie. I got to give it to her. She doesn’t communicate at all, but when she does she dives in deep. Although, she only says she is falling in love with her words because there is absolutely no emotion in her face. Arie gets up and walks away. We never get the full answer of why he does this, but my best guess is that he is overcome with so much emotion that she is falling for him. I personally think he took a moment to run off, jump for joy, click his heels together in the air, and scream with delight into the night. He comes back to her and says all of the following without hesitation: “I want it so bad for us.” He is falling ‘deeply’ in love with her and is excited to meet her family.

Ummm, excuse me for two seconds. What did Arie just say? All further dates will be painful and pale in comparison to this one. That’s it! Show is over … there is nothing more to see here folks. He literally just told Lauren she is the one and everyone else is a placeholder. I said it last week and I will say one more time for the people in the back. Arie is on Cloud 9 with Lauren B. while the other women are looking up at them from their hotel rooms. Clearly, we can see how this goes. I would be so upset if I were the other girls watching this at home right now.”

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