Tayshia’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out, They Dated Until The Day She Left To Film The Bachelor – FULL STORY

Oh, how the tables have turned!

On the latest episode of The Bachelor, Tayshia Adams dished out details about which of her fellow Bachelorette contestants aren’t ready for an engagement with Colton Underwood. But, is she on the show for the right reasons?

According to Us Weekly, Tayshia Adams and her ex split right before filming The Bachelor. The couple were still “exclusively dating” until the night before she left to start filming Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

Tayshia’s ex, Chase Olswang, spoke to Us Weekly about their serious relationship and what went wrong.

According to Chase, Tayshia  “wasn’t completely ready for a relationship” when she first met him because she had just gotten out of a divorce. An insider says that things got so serious over the course of their alleged 10-month-long relationship that the two of them even reportedly talked about “engagement and marriage.”

“We fell in love really quickly,” Chase admitted.

After dating for a few months, Chase posted an Instagram photo of them kissing in July 2018 and claimed they were planning to “do something special” for her birthday in September 2018, just weeks before she left to film The Bachelor.

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“I moved some things around … before she ended up deciding to leave [for The Bachelor], because she still wasn’t really sure if she was going to go on the show or not,” he continued. “She was still back and forth … she wasn’t sure. As it got closer, I could kind of see changes between us and I could kind of tell that she was leaning toward going. I don’t know all of the exact reasons for that.”

An insider said that Tayshia contacted Chase once filming for the show concluded.

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“She called him and he saw her,” the insider noted. “It’s just hard for him to talk to her.”

According to Chase, “There is an open line of communication. We’re there for each other if we need to be, but things have changed quite a bit since she’s come back.”

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