Shawn Booth Reveals Why He Reached out To Kaitlyn Bristowe Recently

Shawn Booth is opening up about his split from Kaitlyn Bristowe and telling us why he recently reached out to the former Bachelorette.

“When we had broken up, the last time I saw her, I was like, ‘I do not want to talk to you or see you ever again,’” he said on his “In the Booth With Shawn Booth” podcast. “I said that out of, like, the situation that happened, and how I found out everything and that’s where it was kind of left off. So I did not really have any communication with her for years.”

“The reason why I had said that, ‘Hey, I don’t want to talk anymore was because when we were going through this together, I knew about Jason and Kaitlyn before anybody knew about them,” he continued.

Shawn Booth then reflects on the exact moment he knew it was over with Kaitlyn Bristowe. 

“I’ve known about this before the world knew about it. And I knew about it, because, unfortunately, when I was sending Kaitlyn a text message, she sent me one back that she was supposed to send to Jason.”

“I’ll never forget that day. And I was looking for furniture for my apartment because I literally had nothing in my apartment. I told her she could keep the house, I’ll move out, like, whatever. I didn’t want to be there,” he said. “So I’m just looking for furniture. … It was rough. I mean, and the worst thing was you couldn’t talk about it, I didn’t want to blow up her spot.”

When Kaitlyn and Jason got engaged in 2021, Shawn was constantly asked about his ex in interviews.

“This is just, like, kind of me contradicting myself of talking to her because I asked her kindly to stop talking about me on her podcast because I said it’s not fun getting asked calls from media every few months.”

He also went on to say that the stuff Kaitlyn talks about him his highly inaccurate.

“I just didn’t think what she was saying was accurate. I think she was saying things that were incorrect.”

“I know what happened. I know how everything went down. She can say what she wants to say, if that’s something that makes her feel better or something that she has to discuss. And, you know, she’s an open book. And she told me that, which I understand. And, sometimes, it’s good to talk about, like, it’s good talking about right now because I never talked about it! And I don’t want to sit here talking negatively about my ex who I spent time with.”

Kaitlyn recently revealed that Shawn used her professionally by “hanging” onto the relationship “until his gym opened.”

“This is all just from my point of view and from how I felt and things that I saw,” Kaitlyn said on “Trading Secrets” podcast. “It doesn’t mean they’re right or wrong, but would you or would you not agree that when couples come off the show, whether it was a Bachelor and the woman he picked or Bachelorette and the guy she picked, that that is a really hard foundation to start on and a power struggle? All of these opportunities, they’re like, ‘We want Kaitlyn there and well, Shawn can come too,’ or ‘Maybe not. Maybe it’s just Kaitlyn or it’s the two of us together.’ But like it was always if I was there, then he was invited.”