Reality Steve Reveals The Official Two Bachelorette Candidates – There’s a 50/50 Chance of Them Being the Lead

Next Monday is the Bachelor season finale, that means Joey will find his forever love and with that, ABC will also announce the next Bachelorette to lead the season 21 of their hit reality television series.



So, who are the two candidates ABC is considering for the next season?

So Reality Steve just revealed that the two likely candidates for the next Bachelorette season are Daisy Kent and Maria Georgas.

“This is probably a situation where it’s between Maria and Daisy,” Steve said on his podcast “I think the show is very well aware that they are deciding between Maria and Daisy, I do not think they have made a decision yet.”

The shows creators might not even make the final choice between the two until the very last moment.

“ABC can do whatever they want because they’ve got us all over a barrel just dissecting everything,” he added, “They’ve told people in the past they are the lead, and all of a sudden they weren’t. Because they changed their mind at the last minute.”

And like every year, ABC might have both Daisy and Maria film intro videos, sign the contracts and do fittings.

So there’s pretty much a 50/50 shot when it comes to who they’re going to end up picking.

“It’s a 50/50 shot, it’s not like, oh my gosh, someone’s gonna come out of left field,” he said. “No, it’s more than likely, based on everything I’ve heard, going to be between Daisy or Maria.”

Recently, Joey Graziadei was asked to choose his favorite from the Bachelorette candidates for season 21.

The Bachelor said if he could pick a Bachelorette for the upcoming season, it would be Maria or Rachel!

Of the women that were present, definitely Rachel and Maria,” Joey tells Entertainment Weekly. “Those two, they have a lot to offer. They opened up a lot to me. It was exciting to know that I would get a chance to…write my own story after The Bachelorette. Both of those women deserve that.” 

The other candidates were Lexi Young, Rachel Nance, Jenn Tran, and Rachel Recchia.

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