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In a interview with E! Chris Harrison revealed he very much liked the idea of Ben 2.0 for season 22 of The Bachelor.

“Would Ben come back as the Bachelor? I don’t even know,” Chris starts. “I don’t even know if he would say, ‘Yes.’ I really don’t. We haven’t even talked about it. But hey, he was very popular and apparently he’s very good looking. And he’s a great guy.”

Ben Higgins recently wrote an article for mahoganyworkplace about being the Bachelor again.

“Will I be the next bachelor?” First off, let’s be clear, I’m positive that The Bachelor team has chosen someone who fits the role perfectly. I say this because I remember when I accepted the role of the bachelor; I worried the show selected me as a second choice — and I didn’t want to be a pity pick. So I do not want to communicate, whatsoever, that the future bachelor is a second choice.

However, I’ve received a LOT of feedback about becoming the bachelor again. I never expected that I would need to respond to this question again. But life is funny and here I sit, considering my answer. To be clear, The Bachelor was a huge honor, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity. I just did not want to be at a place in life where being the bachelor was possible again.

Currently my pride and I are struggling to process whether the proposition is a compliment or a huge kick in the undercarriage.

One of my favorite speakers and pastors is Andy Stanley from Atlanta, Georgia. A few years ago he did a four-part series titled, “The Best Question Ever,” which suggests that with every decision we encounter in life, we must ask ourselves, “What is the wise thing to do?”

As a result of this series and book, I ask myself this question many times a day. It guides me to what is smart, God-centered, and pure. So, as I considered the possibility of being the bachelor again, I asked myself, “Would it be wise?” And to be honest, I do not feel like being the bachelor would be a wise choice for me right now. Here’s why:

  • I am not ready for another relationship to take place in the public eye.
  • I am not able to be the man I would want to be for the women participating in the experience. I sense that I couldn’t prepare my heart to get engaged six months after my previous engagement ended. (I’m focusing on loving others better in non-romantic settings.)
  • If I did the show again I’d want to ensure that my intentions were pure and I was doing it — wait for it — for the right reasons.
  • The scrutiny that would result from doing the show twice makes me hesitate to participate.
  • And last but not least I have some exciting things that I’m passionate about going on right now. And I do not want to neglect them (The Mahogany Workplace, Generous International, my full-time job at Talisys, and the “Almost Famous Podcast).”

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