Rachel Shares How and When She Found out Tino Cheated

Rachel Recchia didn’t get the happy ending she wanted with Tino Franco on the Bachelorette.

Tino confessed to cheating on Rachel, which led to their eventual breakup. But, when did she find out about it?

“It happened at the Men Tell All, when we filmed that,” Rachel says in a podcast interview. “From my knowledge we were together the whole time.”

“He has his own story and he has the right to tell that, but Gabby, my family, and my friends know that there was never a point where we were broken up. There was never a point where our engagement was called off. Did we have conversations about focusing on dating and really get to the core of this? Yes.”

“It’s not different, but I can only try to understand his side and assume that’s where confusion was coming from. We were struggling. I don’t think there’s an excuse. I’m not making excuses, but I never said I was giving the ring back. I never said our engagement was called off. He was just upset that we were in a bad place.”

Rachel continued, “Instead of sitting there and doing the work like I did, he ran straight to someone that he was somewhat seeing before the show. That’s where the struggle is. He also kept that from me for weeks. This happened around the time of the premiere and around ‘Men Tell All’ is when I found out. He went that long with this information and sat in front of me telling me I need to do all this work.”

“Every single time he told his story, something changed, a detail would change. First it was a kiss at a party, then it was a kiss in an Uber to her house where his car was parked, so where is the story connecting? When you’re lying, you can’t get your story straight. That’s why he was getting up multiple times to try to figure it out, but then would come back and put it on me,” she said on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast.

“He did tell me that the moment he kissed her, he told her he was engaged. So that’s where the problem for me is with this excuse that he thought we weren’t engaged. Then why would that be the first thing you chose to tell her when trying to stop yourself from going further? He was picking and choosing when he wanted to be engaged.”

So, where do things stand now with you and Aven? Do you want to pursue a relationship with him?

“I’m so happy to have seen him, and who knows that the future is going to hold. I’m definitely open to it and just seeing where it goes organically without any pressure.”