Rachel Lindsay’s Blog: Becca Kufrin Needs to Slow Down With Garrett

Season 13 star Rachel Lindsay’s advice to Becca Kufrin is pretty insightful, because she knows exactly what our Bachelorette is going through first hand.

In her latest Us Weekly Bachelorette blog, Rachel says that Becca should “slow down” with Garrett.

“I don’t have much to say about the one-on-one with Garrett and Becca. It’s not because I don’t have any opinions; it is because Becca said it all in her interviews about Garrett. At this point, I am comparing every date to Garrett’s. He set the standard of what Becca likes.”

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“Becca left nothing to the imagination. She put it all out there with Garrett. Sis, I do hope you slow down just a bit. I am nervous that Becca is already so blindly captivated by Garrett that she won’t be able to see the essence of the other men, like Blake. He is my favorite.”

The chemistry between Becca and Garett’s during their one-on-one this week was undeniable, and Becca even went so far as to say that he reminded her of her late father.

“I feel so secure with Garrett, I trust him so completely, He gets me. I just feel like, I could see him at the end of this.”

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