Rachel is Dumped by This Contestant After Fantasy Suite Date

This contestant from Rachel’s final 3 dumps her at the Fantasy Suite Date.

These are Rachel Rechhia’s final 3 contestants.


The contestant who eliminates himself during the fantasy suite dates is none other than..

The fan favourite..


According to Reality Steve, the host of the show, Jesse Palmer, insists Zach to tell her the truth about his feelings after the fantasy suite date. It leads to Zach dumping Rachel and leaving the show.

“What I can say about Zach is this. His conversation with Jesse in Mexico where Jesse is telling him he needs to tell Rachel the truth happens after his overnight date, and I can’t tell you the exact wording because I don’t know, but that’s essentially Zach eliminating himself,” Steve revealed. “Whether it’s him telling Rachel he’s not ready, or that it’s too serious and he’s not there yet with her, like I said, don’t know his wording. But that convo with Jesse is a pre-cursor to Zach telling Rachel something that eliminates him at final 3.”

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