OMG Joey Reacts to The Pictures Leaked With His Fiancé – Here’s What He Said

Joey Graziadei was put on spot in an interview and asked about the recent pictures that were leaked online that proves Kelsey Anderson is the final one.

A Reddit user released solid evidence that suggests that Kelsey is actually Joey’s winner based on matching elements on their Instagram stories  and TikToks including a wine fridge, wall sockets, and a fence in the backyard from their Secret House Visits, also known as SHV.

“The compilation of picture evidence that Reality Steve’s original spoiler might be wrong

“The pictures show that Joey and his possible F1 were at the same Safe House Visit because their backgrounds match the house that is used for SHV’s,” they wrote.

A Reddit user shared photos from TikToks posted by both Kelsey Anderson and Joey. Pictures don’t lie and they for sure are proving Reality Steve’s prediction wrong.


What does Joey have to say about the latest spoiler that was out?

“Obviously anything that comes out like that, I can’t really speak on it. I know people are really trying to figure out what’s going on,” Joey told Us Weekly when asked about the pictures. “Yeah, I can’t speak to anything that’s sent because it’s not really something that I’m paying attention to.”

But so many fans STILL believe Daisy is going to be the winner.

“I think everyone’s seen where the feelings are at at this point, and if she does continue to move forward, I think you’ll be able to see that too,” Joey said of the standout. “Daisy’s a very sweet and kind person who I think that we connected really early on, and that’s what people have seen.”

These are the pictures that were posted as proof from both Joey’s and Kelsey’s TikTok’s that match the background.

Okay, this says it ALL!


“I try to like Reality Steve, but he makes it so hard. His arrogance makes me root for him being wrong. He always goes on and on and on, while being hostile and aggressive, that he’s the only one who possibly could get it right and that he knows better than everyone and we need to trust him. I would love for him to be humbled a bit.

Also, I think someone posted awhile ago that it couldn’t be Daisy because she was with friends on a trip during a safe house visit weekend. So this makes sense. And of course, Reality Steve just p**ped all over the person making the claims to the point he sounded unhinged,” a fan wrote.

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“I think it’s Kelsey too the way he looked at her and said say it again I don’t remember him saying that to anyone else when they said they were falling for him.” a reddit fan posted.

“I’m conflicted, I love this for Joey & Kelsey but also I really don’t want a Daisy bachelorette season (sorry” another fan wrote.

“I had a feeling the Daisy spoiler was wrong. I see zero chemistry between Joey & Daisy…. They give me friendship vibes.”

That’s pretty much all from us at this point. We’re going to keep you updated with all the spoilers as the season progresses!