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The Dreaded Two-on-One

Now, what I know you guys have all been waiting for ….

Coming off last week, I knew tensions were boiling over between Corinne and Taylor. And as I said before, sometimes taking two polarizing personalities can help navigate my feelings for each person. A two-on-one can be awkward — actually, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be. But I thought it would be the best way to figure out which relationship had potential and which one would be best to say goodbye to.

My relationship with Taylor and Corinne at this point, while different, were probably equal in terms of how far we had progressed. There were things about both women that intrigued me, but also plenty I still had questions about. I had never been to the bayou before, but man, how fitting was it for this date.

I reminded myself going into this date that there are two sides to every story. When Corinne shared her side of the story with me about Taylor, I was shocked. I wasn’t going to fully ingest the information until I spoke with Taylor, but it was still disappointing to hear. Once I sat with Taylor, it became more clear what the issues were about.

When you strip it down, it became clear that Taylor believed Corinne lacked the emotional maturity to get married or really to be dating me at all. Listening to Taylor talk, it became obvious to me that Taylor didn’t realize that she was guilty of the same thing she saw in Corinne. Like Corinne said, Taylor was telling Corinne that she didn’t call her stupid while implying that she was stupid. You can say a lot of things to someone while being pretty clear between the lines.

From my point of view, Taylor either wasn’t self-aware enough to understand how she was coming across or she thought that I wouldn’t notice. Either way, it just felt like at this point that Taylor was too fixated on proving to me that Corinne wasn’t right for me rather than focusing on our relationship. Giving Corinne the rose had just as much to do with saying goodbye to Taylor as it was to validate my relationship with Corinne. After a pretty intense day, I was looking forward to some one-on-one time with Corinne.

I was totally caught off guard when Taylor showed up at dinner to interrupt Corinne and me.  A million questions flooded my brain.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. While I didn’t feel like we covered anything totally new, I was happy she took the chance to leave everything on the table. I don’t have any regrets with Taylor — and I hope she doesn’t either. ”

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