Nick Viall Reveals the Exact Moment He Knew Vanessa Grimaldi Was The One

Nick Viall writes about the exact moment he knew Vanessa Grimaldi was the one he’s going to choose for his final blog for PEOPLE.

This is what he wrote and the moment he knew.

I actually think I was a little more anxious than Vanessa when she came to meet my family the next day. She was making a first impression knowing Raven had a head start but wasn’t fazed. A trait that made me fall so hard so fast for Vanessa is her courage to get straight to the point and express her genuine feelings in any situation. That was on full display when she didn’t take more than five minutes to tell them about the time she puked on our first date and follow up by making my mother Mary cry by describing with sincerity the connection she’s shared with me from the moment she stepped out of the limo. 

What I wasn’t expecting to see is my father Chris and Vanessa crying in each other’s arms. I think his message of needing to push beyond the feelings of love and embrace the sacrifices couples have to make actually turned out to be some of the best advice we got on our relationship. Vanessa made her struggle with not getting the well-defined answers crystal clear weeks before, and I could tell she was second guessing everything she felt. I’ve been in her spot. Having the old man explain to her that sometimes letting go of something is the only way to hold onto the people you love may have saved us.

My final date with Vanessa turned out to be the most significant date of my life. Sometimes no matter how strong your imagination is and how many days you spend picturing a life with a woman, she turns out to be so amazing that only being there with her in the moment, holding her in your arms, can you find the truth in your heart.”

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