Nick Viall Reveals How Far He Got With Corinne in His Hotel Room

Although Nick Viall didn’t accept Corinne Olympios’ offer to have sex while all mic’d up in his hotel room, he reveals just how far they got without the cameras.

The behind the door conversation made it very clear they didn’t go all the way, but what exactly happened behind closed doors was hidden from the Bachelor nation. Until now, that is.

Nick was spilling a bunch of secrets on Channel 33’s Bachelor Party podcast this week.

He shared everything from how exactly he found out about Trump’s victory to his intimate encounter with Corinne.

“We went further on the bouncy castle!” the Bachelor admits, referring to their make out session in the bounce house in one of the earlier episodes.

He continued, “Like literally, nothing happened.”

“Certainly, we kissed a little bit.”

So, why exactly did he turn down the offer?
“I’ve made the mistake of moving things too fast — things get very complicated.” He added, “Had something gone down, and I’m not even talking all the way, like maybe we went to second base, it could be very confusing for her to process what happened.”

“At no time that evening was I planning on anything physical happening, so for me, there was no reason for me to take my mic off,” he reasoned. “It just wasn’t going to happen.”


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