Here’s Why Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi Broke up

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi called it quits earlier this week after dating for five months and we now know the reason why.

According to Radar, Canadian-born Vanessa did not like the LA life, but stayed after Nick was cast on Dancing With the Stars. 

“It just wasn’t a good match. It’s true that she was really jealous of all the opportunities he had.” a source told Radar.

“He was still getting attention, and she just wasn’t. She was also jealous of all the girls around him.”

“Nick always felt like he made the wrong choice,” they added. “It’s harsh, but he shouldn’t have chosen anyone on The Bachelor.”

“With Vanessa, she hated Los Angeles. Eventually, it just didn’t work.” the source said.

“Their friends knew the relationship wouldn’t last.” a source told People.

“Raven feels vindicated by the news that Nick and Vanessa are no longer together,”  Hollywood Life reported. “She felt from the moment their proposal happened that Nick was making the wrong decision by choosing Vanessa over her. She is relieved too that it wasn’t her that received the final rose. Even though Vanessa may have been the better fit for Nick, she knows he would have probably — inevitably — broken her heart too.”

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