Melissa Rycroft Was Mad AF After Being Dumped on TV By Jason Mesnick

Mellisa Rycroft is still not happy about being dumped on National t.v by Ex Bachelor Jason Mesnick.

The former Bachelor contestant opened up about her televised break up  on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast and revealed she was totally blindsided.

“To say that we went into that After the Final Rose in an absolutely perfect place is a lie,” she said.

“[But] had we completely severed ties and broken up? No!”

She admitted that while they were going through a rough patch before the break up, she had absolutely no idea that he was in love with the runner-up, Molly Malaney, to whom he’s now married.

Infact, She sent Hanukkah presents to Jason’s son Ty, but never heard a thank you.

“He never called to say thank you, he never said he got them, he never said he appreciated them,” she continued.

“And I remember going, ‘Why am I trying?’ I feel like he gave up, and now looking back, he had given up, he had moved on, but I didn’t know that.”

She spoke about the day they went into After The Final Rose Special together thinking they’d sort things out.

“I wasn’t expecting him to be like, ‘Oh yeah, peace out. I have feelings for Molly, I’ve been talking to her, and I’ve been seeing her.’ That was when I was humiliated,” she revealed.

“You could have at least warned a chick before he walked out here. We talked minutes before I went out on that stage, and he never said anything.” she added.

“Jason and I have both moved on, and there is no other place in my life that I would rather be other than where I am.”

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