Meet the Official Contenders to Be the First Golden Bachelorette 

Great news for the Bachelor fans – we’re going to have a season of the Golden Bachelorette this year!

And according to the producers, it could just be around the corner.

Following the massive success of the Golden Bachelor, producers Bennett Graebner, Claire Freeland, and Jason Ehrlich talked about season 1 of the Golden Bachelorette.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jason stated:

“People are really liking the stories that we’re telling, and so I’m really interested to see. It will be different; it will be almost like doing it for the first time all over again with The Golden Bachelorette…What is it going to be like with 20-some older men living in the Bachelor Mansion? We don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it will be different and interesting. And that’s what makes me want to watch.”

Oh and it would definitely be someone from the first season.

“There are so many incredible women from this season,” Jason said. “That would be really hard not to [pick from]. There are just so many, and you can picture what that would look like in several different ways, and it’s all exciting and fun.”

Here’s the list of the official contenders to lead their very own season of the Golden Bachelorette.

Faith Martin

Ellen Goltzer

Joan Vassos

Kathy Swarts 

Susan Noles

Leslie Fhima

The Golden Bachelor winner, Theresa Nist, endorsed Leslie Fhima for the very first Golden Bachelorette lead.

“She [Leslie] would be a phenomenal ‘Golden Bachelorette,’” Theresa said.

“We can picture so many of these women in that role…There’s so many reasons why Susan would be the best ‘Golden Bachelorette,’ or Ellen would be, or Faith would be…We would fully support and be so thrilled for whoever was chosen,” she added.

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