Leslie Spotted on Gerry’s Bed Post Golden Bachelor Filming – Big Clue

Fans have all the reasons to believe that Leslie Fhima is the winner of Gerry Turner’s season 1 of The Golden Bachelor.

While Gerry’s final pick has yet to be revealed, fans of the show believe he has spoiled his winner in his recent interview.

In a video interview with US Weekly, there is a mirror behind where Gerry is answering the questions he was asked. The mirror reveals a reflection of a woman sitting on his bed.

The Bachelor Nation is convinced this woman is Leslie Fhima.

“Jeez US Weekly why do you still have this up? Way to spoil the ending for everyone,” a fan commented on the video.

Let’s take a look at the screenshot from the interview.

A fan wrote, “Looks like Leslie.” while another fan said, “I think it’s Leslie, not Theresa.”

Someone else said it’s either Leslie or Faith Martin.

“It has to be Leslie, it looks like her.”

Another fan commented, “I’m watching his story unfold on a PAID streaming platform and you’re spoiling my fun.”

Take a closer look at the picture.

Another reason fans think Leslie is the winner is because of a comment she made in an interview after the Golden Bachelor was done filming.

The season 1 of Golden Bachelor has seen several contestants leave the show due to personal reasons — and Leslie Fhima was almost one of them.

Right after Joan Vassos decided to leave the show, Leslie got a phone call from home that almost made her pack her bags and leave.

“I called my son and he needed me,” she shared.

But Leslie’s son wanted her to finally get her happily ever after, telling her, “Please stay,’” she recalled. “‘You have to stay.’”

“With our age comes life. And just because your kids are bigger doesn’t mean they don’t have problems,” Leslie continued. “So, we’re a mother first and if my son had said, ‘I need you now,’ I would have left. Because that’s who I am.”

She then went on to have ‘the best’ one-on-one date with Gerry Turner.

“[My son] gave me the gift of staying and having an amazing date with Gerry, which I think changed our relationship, took it to a different level,” Leslie added.

Is that a hint that she wins the show?

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.