Kelsey Anderson Reveals What Daisy Kent Told Her in the Limo Car Ride Together

Kelsey Anderson is now revealing the conversations with Daisy Kent that the fans didn’t get to see.

“I think that we were both very emotional after our conversation. We both got a lot of clarity through it,” Kelsey told Deadline after the finale. “We just decided that we wanted to be there for each other on that ride there because it was a big ride to a big moment for both of us in different ways. It was really special to be able to have that together and just hype each other up on the car ride there.”

“It was just a really special moment. I’m really glad that we got to do that,” she added.

How Daisy wanted the best for Joey and Kelsey.

“And she just really wanted Joey and I to be happy and she was like, ‘Don’t worry about me.’ She knows how I am and I was going to be thinking about her just like how she would be in that situation as well. But she’s like, ‘Don’t think about me. I’m going to be OK. You embrace this moment.’ And I did.”

How Kelsey Felt About Their Conversation

“I was just taken aback,” she told E! News. “She looked very emotional. So immediately, I got emotional because Daisy and I got really close through this experience. And she’s a wonderful woman.”

“I ended up telling her I did have a lot of validating this week,” she continued. “I think it gave her a lot of clarity, and also gave me a lot of clarity and confirmation as well.”

Meanwhile, Joey didn’t have a clue about Kelsey and Daisy arriving together.

“I didn’t find out about the car ride together until after the engagement,” he said. “I thought it was special.”