Kaitlyn Bristowe Calls BIP a ‘Snoozefest’, Reveals Which Couples She’s Rooting For

Former The Bachelorette and host Kaitlyn Bristowe is spilling some hot tea about this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

And she comes unfiltered.

Kaitlyn, who is now engaged to Jason Tartick, spoke to EXTRA about Bachelor in Paradise season 8 and her upcoming wedding plans.

“I’m not gonna lie. It was a bit of a snoozefest to start,” she said of the show. “We’re getting into the whirlwind right now.” 

So, who is she rooting for on the current season of BIP.

She said that she is all for Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio.

“They both deserve happiness.” 

Another couple she’s really rooting for is Brandon Jones and Serene Russell.

She said, “They have such a sweet connection.”

“I don’t know if there’s any end in sight to the Bachelor franchise,” she said. “There’s a reason it’s been on for this many seasons. I can only hope personally they continue to evolve.”

Kaitlyn also spoke about her upcoming wedding with Jason Tartick and how it hasn’t been exactly rosy planning it.

“Neither of us are the most helpful right now,” she told E! News. “We need the venue and date first. We are both kind of stressed out to be honest with you.” 

“Now that we think a venue is going to work out, it will be more real, exciting and easier to plan,” she continued. “He’s a very good planner, in general. He’s an organised person and he enjoys the financial aspects, like creating a budget. He’s very helpful in that way.”

“The wedding vibe we are going for is over-the-top fancy, but at the same time, we want Buffalo chicken wings,” Kaitlyn said. “There will be some rustic touches, so I think we will have a mix of different personalized touches.”