Joey Wants THIS Contestant From His Season to Be The Next Bachelorette

Who’s going to be the next Bachelorette? That’s the question everyone’s asking.

But we now know who the current Bachelor wants to see as the next lead!

Joey Graziadei was asked to choose his favorite from the Bachelorette candidates for season 21.

Let’s first take a look at the candidates below!

Daisy Kent

Jenn Tran

Maria Georgas

Rachel Nance

Kelsey Anderson

Lexi Young

So who does Joey want to see lead the next season?

Joey said if he could pick a Bachelorette for the upcoming season, it would be Maria!

Do you also want Maria to be the next Bachelorette?

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And because we’re going to be keeping this article spoiler free, the winner was added to the list.