Jason Tartick is Officially Dating Kat Stickler – See Pictures

Jason Tartick dating TikToker Kat Stickler 9 months after his break up with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

The pair was seen smiling big in a group picture that was shared on their respective Instagram Stories.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Jason talked about Kat and the rumours of them vacationing together.

He described the TikToker as “an amazing person, lovely, great mother [and] hilarious content creator,” adding, “I only have incredible things to say about her.”

“There’s a lot that comes with that, good and bad,” he said of dating in the public eye. “And so, the whole dating aspect, which I’m relatively new to, I’m like, ‘You know what? For right now, today, I’m gonna kind of keep things private,’ until things become more serious. But right now, I’m keeping things a little private. But more to come.”

“Due to such a public breakup, even when I think about the idea of talking openly about my dating life, I get like, ‘Oh, That scares me,’ ” he added.

“She’s amazing, she’s very special, she’s awesome, she’s great,” he said about Kat on his Trading Secrets podcast.

“The whole idea of dating is relatively new to me,” Jason continued. “Because really, there’s been some gaps of course, 100%. But from 2017, when I started talking to the Bachelor franchise, and in between there, there was a few months, and now I’ve been single for about 9 months… And it’s all still pretty new to me.” 

Who is Kat Stickler?

Kat is a vibrant 29-year-old YouTube and TikTok star hailing from Miami, Florida.

On March 18, 2021, Kat Stickler announced her divorce through an emotional video. She was married to Mike Stickler. The couple stated that things didn’t work out between them but expressed their commitment to co-parenting their child. 

Recently, in an ‘Ask me Anything’ on Instagram, Kaitlyn Bristowe answered questions asked by the Bachelor fans.

One of them was why her engagement with Jason Tartick ended.

A fan asked Kaitlyn, “What led to the breakup with your ex fiance?” To which she initially responded, “Which one.”

She then gave one of the reasons for their break up.

She was also asked if she’d rather get back with her ex or shave off her eyebrows.

Instead of detailing her answer in words, she answered the fan question with a photo of herself without eyebrows.