Is Nate The Next BACHELOR?

There are many contenders from Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season to lead the next season of The Bachelor.

But, there’s one in particular that the fans with is going to be the next Bachelor.

Nate Mitchell.

The Chicago native was sent home by Gabby during their one-on-one date last week. And now, the fans think he got the ‘Bachelor edit’ on the show.

“Tell us you are planning to make Nate the bachelor without telling us you are planning to make Nate the bachelor,” wrote a fan on Twitter to Mike Fliess, the creator of the show.

Reality Steve also weighed in on the whole conversation where he mentioned that Nate was spotted with his daughter in Disneyland getting a tour.

“Got a video of him and his daughter at Disneyland from this past Friday with a tour guide, and while not being definitive proof of anything, that’s definitely something that’s reserved for the next leads in this franchise,” Reality Steve wrote. “Especially with his daughter and getting the tour. You couple that with last night’s edit, Fleiss having his Twitter diarrhea last week defending Nate every chance he could, which in turn meant acknowledging something I posted? Let’s just say Nate is definitely at the forefront of their mind for The Bachelor, if not at the top of their list.”

Who would YOU like to see as the next Bachelor? Comment!