Here’s Why Rachel Recchia Lost Her Voice on The Bachelor – & It’s VERY Cute

Last week was the hometowns episode on The Bachelor and the fans of the show were curious about what really happened to Rachel Recchia’s voice during the episode.

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The fans were left wondering if the 25-year-old commercial pilot either changed her voice or she had a sore throat.

At the beginning of her date with Clayton, she admitted that she was losing her voice. And then throughout her hometown episode, Rachel’s voice only got worse as their date continued, until she was only able to whisper that she was falling in love with Clayton.

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Here’s what really happened to her voice:

Turns out, Rachel wanted some private moments with the Bachelor without the microphone picking up the conversation between the two.

When you’re in that environment for the first time, it’s crazy. There’s so much happening. And you’re having your own moment sometimes,” she tells Tia Booth, Mike Johnson, and Natasha Parker on the Click Bait podcast. Later admitting that she was unsure if her microphone would pick up what was being said. 

Well, it did!

Rachel also revealed that she didn’t think the show would air such a small moment between her and Clayton.

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How cute are these two?