Here’s Who Logan Ends up with on Paradise after Rechel Recchia appears on BIP

Logan Palmer has been involved in a lot of Bachelor in Paradise drama ever since he joined the cast.

The former Bachelorette contestant who dated both Gabby and Rachel Recchia has found himself stuck in a love triangle with Shanae Ankney and Kate Gallivan after the couple hooked up.

But, who exactly does he end up with at the end of BIP?

So , we know Gabby and Rachel are going to appear on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. And the reason is Logan!

After creating some trouble in Paradise, Logan has a moment of indecision while on the beach, and the women have to intervene.

“Because, as you know if you followed the Paradise spoilers during filming, you know towards the end, Logan and Kate were a thing,” Reality Steve revealed in his podcast. “Well, Kate and Logan inevitably end up breaking up in Paradise. Whatever the reasoning is, I guess we’ll have to see it play out, but Gabby and Rachel BOTH were down in Paradise toward the end of filming and they told Kate about Logan and that he was indecisive and whatnot. So, I’m guessing that played a role in their breakup? I just know they went down there and told her.”

They’re of course talking about their friend Kate Gallivan from Clayton’s season.

In a way, the duo were responsible for Logan & Kate’s break up and he sails off the island alone.

Can’t wait for this drama to unfold real soon!