Here’s Picture Proof Daisy Kent Was Meant To Be The Bachelorette But Backed Out Last Minute

On Monday Night’s After The Final Rose Special, Jenn Tran was announced as the next Bachelorette – shocking the Bachelor Nation.

The fans were rooting for Maria or Daisy to lead the newest season.

AND it looks like Daisy backed out of being the Bachelorette.

It seems like Good Morning America was given the news of Daisy Kent being the lead!

They even announced it on social media before quickly deleting it. Good Morning America released a pre-written post announcing Daisy Kent as Bachelorette.

A fan posted the screenshot of it on Reddit.

Fans began speculating that Daisy was meant to be the Bachelorette but backed out at the last minute.

“Daisy’s dress was incredible, combined with the glow-up hair and makeup I thought for sure she was going to be announced Bachelorette. I was shocked to see it was Jenn when she was wearing what looked like something off the rack from Windsor. This totally makes it all make sense.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulled out last minute. I’m disabled by Lyme Disease like Daisy and the vitriol people in this sub and others in BN have directed at Daisy for being disabled and at disabled people in general this season has been staggering. I’ve seen maybe 1/10000 of what she’s seen and it’s been shocking and has changed my view of the world and how many horrific people there are in it. I think she’d have to decline for her own mental and physical health and maybe for her safety too as things have gotten unhinged. Now Jenn is facing a similar problem with the racism that’s been unleashed on her. Bachelor Nation has a serious problem and it’s not these women,” a fan specualted.

“Yeah, maybe she was worried for her health! It seems pretty stressful to film the show and not much sleep. She was smart to turn it down.”

“I mean if you guys seriously think that Jenn was first pick all along you need some better critical thinking skills. I’m thinking she was 3rd or 4th pick,” another fan wrote.

“Based on the cast of men seems likely too… if they’re really touting first asian bach then shouldn’t they have more asian representation in the men too?” a fan commented.

GMA has previously announced Bachelor and Bachelorette leads.

The Golden Bachelor was also announced on GMA!

What do you think was the reason for her backing out?