Demi Burnett Says She is ‘Terrified’ of Sydney Hightower – ‘She’s VERY Mean’

Sydney Hightower, who opened up about being bullied in high school, was proven to be quite a bully herself on Twitter.

The Bachelor Sydney Hightower Fires Back After High School Classmate Accuses Her of Lying About Being Bullied

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has been very dramatic so far.

Demi Burnett, who appeared on Colton Underwood’s season and later on Bachelor in Paradise appeared on the current season of The Bachelor for a group date activity.

She got to host a pillow fight challenge, where she got a chance to get a close look at the girls fighting for Peter.

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“This group of women, I think, is the most obvious that every single person there is there to be on TV,” Demi said on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. 

And then she called out one contestant for being the most intense and brutal during the challenge.

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“I think that everyone was insecure and jealous. Everyone was really aggressive with the pillow fighting and stuff. I didn’t really get a vibe from anyone like, ‘I got this connection with Peter,” she said.

“There were times where people dropped the pillows and they were just attacking each other. It was really uncomfortable. I was really scared of one in particular.”

Sydney Hightower!

“She had a straight face, she barely said a word to me,” She said of Sydney.

“I kept trying to talk to her, but she was just eyes on the prize. And the prize was taking down the girl.”

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“Oh God, there’s Sydney, she scares me. I feel like if I ever saw her, she’d kick my a**, man, I don’t like that feeling.”

“I’m shook. I’m terrified of her. She’s very mean. And I’m mean, but I can admit when I’m mean. She doesn’t do that. Please don’t kick my a**, Sydney.”

“This season of The Bachelor reminds me of my high school volleyball senior year season,” Demi added. “Like, after my class graduated, it became s***. And this is what’s happening.”

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