Colton Underwood is Engaged to Jordan C. Brown – SEE PICS

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood took to Instagram to announce his engagement with Jordan C. Brown sharing a photo of the two celebrating their special moment.

“Life is going to be fun with you,” Underwood wrote on Instagram.

Colton Underwood Is Engaged to Jordan C. Brown After a Year of Dating - E!  Online

“After my birthday, Jordan and I went to Big Sur for a weekend getaway to decompress and relax in nature,” Colton tells PEOPLE. “I couldn’t have pictured a more beautiful place to celebrate an amazing milestone in my life and relationship. I’m extremely happy! 2021 was the most transformative year.”

“Starting 2022 off with my best friend, teammate and now fiancé is something I never thought was going to be possible.”

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“The only time in my life I’m ok with wasting a bottle of champagne. I love you babe,” Jordan C. Brown wrote on Instagram.

Colton Underwood engaged to boyfriend Jordan C. Brown
The newly engaged couple have been dating since the summer of 2021 after Colton came out as gay in April 2021.

“I was struggling with my sexuality but I had such a level of fear over being gay,” he said last year. “Now that I’ve been out to myself for a year, it’s the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever felt. And there is nothing I would ever want to be but gay.”

Colton Underwood, Boyfriend Jordan C. Brown: Relationship Timeline