Charity Lawson SLAMS ‘Misogynist’ Nick Viall in a Tweet – Have a Look

She’s not holding back!

The current Bachelorette took a strong stance against Nick Viall’s critical comments about her on his podcast.

Here’s what Nick said on his podcast:

“I love how Charity pretended to the guys as if it was her decision [to send Brayden home] all while being so completely rattled. ‘I’m just so confident about the decision,’” Nick said on his podcast while impersonating Charity. “You are just spiraling, Charity. Charity loves a f—k boy.”

 Nick also thought there was some “truth” to Brayden’s comments.

“As the lead, it’s like you have two jobs. One: film a TV show that’s actually No. 1, and two is to fall in love,” Nick continued. “It’s like this kind of unspoken agreement between the lead and the producers. ‘Listen, we have two things we have to do in the next eight weeks, we have to film a good TV show and we want you to fall in love and we really want both to happen.’

“Nine times out of 10, they can work in unison with each other, but for a non-professional lead, so to speak, trying to do both, it’s very obvious to the cast members. Every Bachelor and Bachelorette has done it. I’m sure I was guilty of it. It’s just like you can see them playing a role.”

Nick also criticised Charity for only making out with the contestants instead of having a real conversation with them.

“It’s almost a negative if all you are doing is kissing, that means that you both have nothing to talk about or the lead is not interested in getting to know you,” Nick said. “It’s the conversations that actually drive the relationships.”

How did Charity respond to Nick’s BS?

“Maybe it’s time we stop getting dating advice from unqualified TV personalities who like bashing women for the sake of views,” Charity tweeted.

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