Cassie Randolph Reveals ‘Horrible’ way She Found out ex Colton Underwood is Gay

It came as a huge surprise to the entire Bachelor Nation when former Bachelor Colton Underwood came out as gay.

After making an appearance on The Bachelor season finale earlier this month, Cassie Randolph is speaking out about ex Colton Underwood for the very first time.

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The Bachelor winner joined Kaitlyn Bristowe for an episode of the “Off the Vine” podcast, explaining why she stayed away from the show.

“I don’t think I even meant to not do it,” she tells Kaitlyn. “I think it just kind of happened that way. … If they ever wanted me to, like, make an appearance like the other night, it was super fun. So, I was like, ‘Of course,’ but it just never really comes up.”

Cassie, who filed a temporary restraining order against Colton, alleging that he stalked and harassed her, also revealed how she found out her ex boyfriend was gay.

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“I haven’t talked about it, so it’s really hard for me to talk about it at all or even know the right thing to say when addressing it,” she said. “I just feel so much pressure, I think, when asked about it that I would love to be able to be open and candid about things, but I’m just not there yet. I’m sure I will one day want to speak on it because there’s just a lot there.” 

“I found out the same way that everyone else did. I was actually in Mexico on vacation with friends, which was great — great to be away,” she said. “But yeah, I found out through Snapchat on Good Morning America. It was horrible. It was just a shocking kind of thing.”

“It’s such a hard thing too when everything is so in your face. I think that’s why I took a step back for so long because I just didn’t want everything to be so in my face. It was a healthy break.”

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Talking about her Bachelor appearance, she said:

“It’s kind of hard to know why I did what I did. It’s overwhelming. There’s so much happening. ‘But do I want to? Is this the right decision for me? Is it the right decision for him, for the show?’ It would have been nice to have a week to think about things. … Instead, you’re sitting there on the spot like, ‘What are you going to do?'”

“I think I’ve really grown into myself. I feel a lot more decisive, I guess, in what I want or my opinions on things,” she continued. “I think I was just very young. It was so new that now I’ve kind of gotten used to this new kind of life change, and I can more clearly see things for what they are.”