Ben Higgins: My Split From Lauren Bushnell ‘Hurts Bad’

In an exclusive clip from The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast, Ben Higgins opens up about his split from ex fiancée Lauren Bushnell like never before.

“When you really care about somebody and you really love somebody and that has to end — for whatever reason, even for reasons that either person can’t really explain, it’s just a feeling and you have to go your separate ways — it hurts. It hurts bad,”

Ben also talks about the haters criticizing him for starting a podcast with Ashley Iaconetti.

“For anybody wanting to hurt me or to hurt Lauren or hurt anybody out there on social media, I wanted to communicate that you can do that, but know that I believe in something bigger than that,” he says. “And so your words won’t hurt, they’ll just sting a little bit.”


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