Ben Higgins: I Had an “Aha Moment” Picking Out The Ring

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are a happy couple now and they can finally hang out in public, show some PDA like all the Bachelors couples do after the Finale.

Check out the interview they gave together after the Bachelor finale aired on Monday, 14th March.

Ben, when you were meeting with Neil Lane, was there something about the ring you chose that just made you realize Lauren was the one for you, or was that just the magic of editing?

Ben Higgins: I would love to say that that ring had magical powers, but it doesn’t. Well, there was an “aha moment” right during that, and I think the aha moment was just that, “This is almost done!” I picked my ring out and I had already known in advance who I was going to be proposing to and that I wanted to propose to her. So the aha moment was actually one of just, like, “This is going to work.” That was it.

Ben, why did you pick that specific engagement ring out?

Ben Higgins: Definitely, yeah, so I sat down with Neil Lane and had a couple of ideas of what I wanted to pick out. And then he just kind of asked about Lauren. He said, “Who is she? What stood out to you about her?” And I told him.

I said, “You know, the moment she walked out of the limo, she caught me eye.” And he said, “Well, what ring here catches your eye first?” And I looked down, and that was the ring sitting right there. It was shining, sparkling bright. I said, “Okay, this is it!” He goes, “I think that’s the best choice.” So that’s what we did.

Lauren, was that the kind of ring you had in mind? What was your reaction when you first saw it on your finger?

Lauren Bushnell: Oh my gosh. I was blown away. I mean, I really hadn’t given much thought to the kind of ring that I wanted, but I can’t stop looking at my finger. I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I think it’s even more beautiful that, you know, I had no say in this. He genuinely chose this and gave it to me on the most special day of my life, so it’s even more beautiful ontop of that for that reason.

But, no, I remember in Jamaica after we got engaged, I was washing my face and I kind of glanced up in the mirror and I caught a reflection of it, and I was like, “Oh my gosh! What is that thing on my finger!?” It is really that beautiful.

Ben, you gave Lauren a heads-up after your proposal about things that might make Lauren uncomfortable to watch play out on TV so she wouldn’t be surprised or blindsided. Lauren, were there any episodes or scenes you decided not to watch?

Lauren Bushnell: Definitely. I think as naturally as the episodes go on — so after hometowns, you know, there’s less women and obviously that means those relationships were more serious or what not.

I think that’s when I just decided, “You know what? I already know what happened. Anything that I would need to know about Ben and I, we’ve already had a discussion about, so there’s really no reason to watch it and relive it again, especially since we’re so far removed from that time and place.”

So after hometowns, I just started watching our parts, and that really seemed to help. And again, it wasn’t because I felt like I was going to be surprised by anything, it was just more it didn’t seem necessary to relive it.

Lauren, what are some specific things you’d like to do or places you’d like to go with Ben before getting married? Are there certain dates you’re really excited about going on?

Ben Higgins: I actually have a couple dinners planned here in New York for us, surprises that are going to be fun. Lauren’s really big into grocery shopping, and so, (laughs) she really wants to take me grocery shopping for some reason. (Laughs)

Lauren Bushnell: There’s something really romantic about walking down the aisle of a grocery store. (Laughs)

What were each of your favorite dates while on The Bachelor?

Ben Higgins: Well, I have two if I can. My favorite dates were Baker’s Youth Club, which Lauren and I are actually going back to next week to visit. And then when we released turtles into the ocean. That was just something I never thought I’d be able to do. And so, it was a lot of fun to, like, see the turtles come out of their nest and run into the ocean.

Lauren Bushnell: So, oh gosh, it’s hard! Because I feel like I was going to say the two Ben said. But then I think of our first date and that was pretty magical too. I can’t even — I mean, I’ve never felt that way on a first date — ever. But the turtles was something that was on my bucket list for sure.

I’m a big animal person, so anything to do with animals, I am all about. So that was pretty fun and it was very — in such a confusing time — kind of brought everything into perspective in a weird way. So it was really nice.

Was there a moment during filming viewers didn’t get to see on TV and you wish they could have?

Lauren Bushnell: The turtle?

Ben Higgins: Yeah. It actually goes along with the turtle date. There was a turtle that came out of its nest too early and couldn’t make it to the ocean, but it was going to be okay as long as it got back into its nest and was able to sleep through the night.

So Lauren and I picked up the turtle and put it back in its nest and covered it back up, and I’m sure that turtle is swimming around somewhere out in the South Pacific today.

Lauren Bushnell: We hope! (Laughs)

Ben Higgins: Yeah.

In the history of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, a lot of couples haven’t made it. What is your plan? How will you navigate your relationship and what might you do differently than other couples in order to last that they didn’t do?

Ben Higgins: Well, I think it’s a little unfair to compare relationships. I know they all come from the same experience, but each relationship is different. They involve different people, different people communicate better or worse, or their intentions are different.

Lauren and I’s intentions when we committed to each other was to commit to each other and to do whatever it takes to keep that commitment going forever. And so, that’s why I think we’re going to work. I don’t have any doubts that it will work. I also can’t speak on behalf of the other relationships from the show. I don’t have much to do with that other than the fact I was kind of involved in it for a while.

Have you both talked about your plan to make it to the aisle?

Ben Higgins: Um, a plan to make it to the aisle. I think our plan is to make it to the rest of our lives. And so, our plan at this point is to continue to communicate, to express our love and support, and to have a lot of fun along the way.

Lauren, in your plans to move to Denver, will you be redoing Ben’s place or moving into a new place you both can call your own for sort of a fresh start together?

Lauren Bushnell: Yeah, you know what? We’ve talked about that. So, I’m super into interior design and decorating. It’s kind of a hobby of mine. Also, we do want to start a home together. So it’s in the works. Ben’s house, I’ve seen photos and it’s the cutest thing in the world. It just needs a little TLC. (Laughs)

But no, it’s perfect for us at the time being, and you know, Ben hasn’t spent a ton of time there. So, even if we weren’t to touch it, we’re kind of both starting a new chapter there, because he hasn’t — being gone for the last year doing The Bachelorette and The Bachelor stuff — he hasn’t really been there either.

So, I feel like we’re really starting a new chapter together regardless. But yeah, I think that’s something we want to do together. I’ll love working on the house and what not, so it will be fun.

Ben, were you actually asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars or was it always just a possibility you were responding to?

Ben Higgins: So, right now, a lot of those requests kind of come down through the ABC pipeline. So sometimes, I don’t want to call them offers, but people asking if I’m interested comes down through a group that is separate from me. And so, was I asked? I’m sure it was talked about! Is it the best decision for my life right now? It doesn’t seem like it.

Will you continue to watch and be invested in The Bachelor/ette?

Ben Higgins: Yeah, I’ll be a fan of the show. It brought me to Lauren and I’ll forever be grateful for that and thankful for that. I think there will be things that — let’s talk about that in May and see how we’re doing with that.

Because it does take an emotional toll and it is hard to watch people kind of go through that, but it’s also exciting to see people go through it. There’s a lot of life lessons that are learned. I think we’ll be fans, but let’s wait and see.

Lauren Bushnell: (Laughs)

Ben Higgins: But we will be watching Dancing with the Stars! If that helps. It’s a great cast, good show.

Lauren Bushnell: It is.

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