Becca’s Reaction to Colton’s Virginity Was Dramatic – Rachel Lindsay Blogs

Why so dramatic?

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay gives her opinion on Becca Kufrin’s journey to find love on The Bachelorette in an exclusive blog for Us Weekly.

Here’s what she wrote about Colton’s big reveal and Becca’s reaction to it.

“The guys felt like Colton was a little young and inexperienced (in more than one way) for Becca and that she may have some lingering questions. Y’all know how I feel about Colton. I feel like I just saw Tia and Becca walk out the door together for a one-on-one. Becca and Colton went on a Catamaran to experience the Bahamian culture. They ran into an interesting man floating in the middle of the ocean who was there to teach them how to find conch. After explaining the history of conch and sexual nature of it, Becca stated that she needs some conch in her life but we know Colton is not the one to give it to her.

Can I just ask a question? Colton said only a handful of people know that he is a virgin. Is that handful that he is referring to in reference to the guys in the house? They all know about his virginity, yet he said that his dad doesn’t know. Colton decided to move from a handful to all of America as he proclaimed his virginity to Becca. He wears his virginity like a badge of honor or a scarlet letter, depending upon how you look at it. With all that being said, kudos to Colton for not being the stereotypical athlete. That bit of information is refreshing. As surprising as it was that he is/was a virgin, I did not think it called for the dramatics of walking away from the table coupled with some moments of contemplation by Becca. He’s a virgin, you can deal with it or not. After deep, deep thought over the matter, Becca decided to deal with it and give Colton the rose.”

Here’s what actually happened!

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