Becca’s Choosing Blake, Right? Rachel Lindsay Blogs

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay gives her opinion on Becca Kufrin’s journey to find love on The Bachelorette in an exclusive blog for Us Weekly.

Here’s what the former lead had to say about episode 9 of The Bachelorette.

“Well, it’s one of my favorite Bachelorette weeks: the fantasy suites. It is my favorite because as a lead, it is the only week that gives you a glimpse of reality as you get to meet your guy for the first time off camera.

Becca takes Blake on the first date and it is very obvious that they have missed each other. Just to put things into perspective, it probably has been about ten days since they have seen one another. In Bachelor years that feels like 10 months. But as quickly as they greet each other, Blake learns that they cannot touch or kiss each other on this date. Now, I am not sure Bryan and I would be where we were right now if we could not touch/kiss each other on our dates lol. But Becca has a really interesting perspective as she states that this is an added element to their date and allows them to live in the moment. I like that and I loved the cultural, spiritual element of their date.

During the night time portion of the date, Blake opens up about the insecurities he is having at this phase in the journey. Now some of you might see this as Blake is spiraling out of control. I mean, let’s be honest here. What do you think the normal reaction should when you love someone and know that they are going to spend the night, not just date, but spend the night with multiple men all in the same week? It is clear that Blake is truly in love with Becca and she is smitten with him. It is clear he does not want to lose her. So it is also clear that he is insecure about the fact that there are two other men in her life. This is a very real moment for me. I appreciated that he was vulnerable enough to express that to her rather than hiding behind a smile.

Blake again had the line of the night: “I look for reasons to stay and not reasons to leave.” I stood up and clapped. I threw one of my own damn keys at the television. After watching this date, I really hope Becca picks Blake because it is going to be really hard for the other guy to get passed how deep and expressive her feelings are for Blake.”

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