Bachelor’s Jacqueline Trumbull Calls off Wedding Last Minute

Guess she didn’t accept his last rose.

Bachelor alum Jacqueline Trumball called off her destination wedding to fiancé Paul Seli even after all the guests reached the location.

Here’s what she said about her last minute decision and why she did it.

“A deep thank you to all my wonderful friends and family – and even my advisor! – for coming out to Portugal even though I chose to not get married and end my relationship,” she wrote on Wednesday, August 3, via Instagram.

“Almost all my wedding guests came out and showered me with love and support. It was an incredibly moving week. I’ll never forget the kindness of my friends during such a difficult time. It was also beautiful to see all these people I’d known separately fall in love with each other. I have the most brilliant, funny, thoughtful friends and family who made what could have been a terrible memory into one of love and joy.”

“I realized we had irresolvable incompatibilities. I love him and want him to find happiness with someone who is more right for him. Much of our relationship was wonderful and I will always be rooting for him on the sidelines.”

In another post on Instagram, she said:

“Throwback to Sintra, Portugal, where things were supposed to go differently. My life would be very different now if Sintra had gone according to plan. I’ve often found greater happiness through thwarting plans and knowing when to step off the path.”

When a fan asked her “what changed,” she responded, “I came to my senses.”

“I have no desire to hurt him or air dirty laundry,” she added.

Her ex-fiancé also then took to Instagram to explain what he’s going through after the break up.

“I’ve had some really hard personal issues over the past month or so, have been waking up anxious, eating very little, and getting stuck in ruminative thought loops,” he captioned a video of himself.

“Suffice it to say that the past month has been somewhat hellish.”