Bachelor Creator Tweets Kelsey’s Dad Mark Could Be The Next Golden Bachelor – Mark Responds

After the hometowns episode of The Bachelor, fans unanimously voted for Kelsey Anderson’s dad, Mark Anderson, as the next Golden Bachelor.

The Army veteran dad left the Bachelor Nation impressed with his emotional intelligence and his close relationship with Kelsey, which was impacted by her mom’s passing, plays a significant role in her journey on the show.

Bachelor creator Robert Mills also thought Kelsey’s father Mark would be the perfect Golden Bachelor.

Kelsey took to TikTok to ask her dad if he would sign up for the Golden Bachelor!

“Are you going to be the next Golden Bachelor?” Kelsey asks her father.

“No! I’m too young,” he responds smiling.

Look at some of the tweets from the Bachelor fans nominating Mark as the next Golden Bachelor.

Kelsey’s mom, Denise, passed away from breast cancer in 2018. 

“I told [Joey] about mom and how you took care of her throughout … you know … like, how sick she got and everything you did for her,” Kelsey told Mark on the hometowns episode. “You were such a good husband to her. I feel like that’s what I really look for, you know?”

Kelsey says her dad is her ‘favorite guy’.

“I’m so thankful that he really stepped up,” Kelsey said, acknowledging how difficult that had to be while parenting five children.

According to Kelsey’s Instagram, her father was working on his doctorate as of 2020.

Do you also want to see Mark as the next Golden Bachelor?