Ashley Iaconetti Is BACK on Bachelor In Paradise – Details

Do you remember Ashley Iaconetti of Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise fame?

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Okay so, she’s back on Bachelor In Paradise season 3 and how!

The first thing she does is confront Jared about their relationship on last season of Bachelor In Paradise. After a long conversation, Ashley and Jared decide they are better off as friends.

Ashley I’s love guru Patti Stanger revealed a few details about Ashley’s love life and well… her virginity.

Patti Stanger says she’s still Jared Haibon obsessed.

In an interview with PEOPLE Now, she tells, “Oh, she was my favorite. She still cries. I have a Barbara Walters record [for making people cry that] I’m going for to break. She still cries, we talk about Jared, you’ll get all the scoop about that.”

On asking if she’s over Jared yet, she says, “I don’t know, maybe she’s not a virgin after the show. Just saying!”


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