Angry Reactions of Fans SLAMMING Peter for calling Brittany a ‘Clout Chaser’

A brand new episode of Bachelor in Paradise was aired on Monday night and the Bachelor fans are NOT happy with Pizza Peter.

Brittany confronted Peter for calling her a “clout chaser,” which then lead to a heated argument between the two. 

“What? I don’t even know this guy. I just met him yesterday. Why is he, like, you know, openly, like, saying all of this?” Brittany said. “Like he should be apologizing if anything. Coz he made the date horrible.”

Before Brittany could walk out, Peter said:

“The biggest regret was that I took you on the date because unfortunately — well, it is what it is.”

“She comes over here and she grabs me and she talks to me. And she’s like, “how can you justify calling me a clout chaser when, like, you tried, to kiss me after five minutes.?” She’s like, “We don’t even know each other,” Peter tells Aaron. “And yo, you’re gonna come at me because you don’t know my favourite colour, we don’t have a connection because all you cared was to talk to me about TikTok and Instagram.”

The fans on Twitter slammed Peter for his behaviour. These are some of the twitter reactions from last night.