All The Contestants from Charity’s Season That are Going to be on Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise is coming back for its ninth season and here’s everything we know about it.

Here’s the list of contestants from Charity’s season of the Bachelorette that are going to be on Bachelor in Paradise season 9.

John Henry Spurlock

Braydan Bowers

Tanner Courtad

Sean McLaughlin



Aaron Bryant

Some contestants from Zach’s Bachelor season are also going to make their debut on Bachelor in Paradise.

Kat Izzo

Jess Girod

Greer Blitzer

Mercedes Northup

Brooklyn Willie

Eliza Isichei

Cat Carter

Kylee Russell

Former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia is also going to be seen on Paradise this season.

Jesse Palmer will return as the official host for season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Wells Adams will be back as the official bartender once again.

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