Aaron Had a Girlfriend Back Home When Dating Genevieve on Paradise – She Reacts

Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi’s explosive and heated argument was the talk of Bachelor Nation after last weeks episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

But, the drama is only getting started!

The couple decided to continue their BIP fight on Twitter.

“I was NEVER mad,” Genevieve tweeted after the episode aired. “I was upset because I wanted to talk to him alone about something. Is that too much to ask in a very calm way?”

Aaron then quickly took to Twitter to write:​​​ “Guys. Reality tv is not actual reality. But it is actually on tv. … Like 40 hrs of filming a week condensed into 4 hours, you see such a small part!”

Genevieve replied to Aaron’s tweet saying, “Nothing relevant to the argument was cut out,” she Tweeted. “What you saw is what happened.”

And now, Reality Steve Just Exposed Aaron Clancy!

Reality Steve revealed that Aaron is currently dating a woman, whom he actually began spending time with at least nine months ago — even before he started filming Bachelor In Paradise.

“It’s pretty clear she’s making it known on her Instagram that her and Aaron are a thing,” Steve said on his podcast.

Reality Steve also mentioned that Aaron is definitely dating and/or hooking up with the same woman.

“And based on some of her IG posts, [it] seems like this is someone who’s been around for a while.”

“There’s nothing that I’ve found from right before he left for BIP filming,” Steve continued. “But I’m just being realistic here. Aaron is no different than a lot of the guys in this franchise. Plenty of them go on the main show and BIP with women back home that are basically put on ‘hold,’ or they have in the back of their minds if things don’t work out.”

Genevieve reacted to Aaron’s cheating allegations by posting a TikTok video of herself lip syncing the words to a Jersey Shore Season 4 scene in which Samantha “Sammi” Sweetheart broke up with her boyfriend Ronnie he admitted he had called another girl back home in Long Island while he was vacationing in Italy with Sammi and the rest of Jersey Shore’s cast.