Nick Viall Says Jordan Rodgers & Robby Hayes Might Be “Full of SH-T”

Looks like Nick Viall isn’t a fan of JoJo Fletcher’s Top 2 men from the Bachelorette and he isn’t buying their act.

“I was not a fan of Robby or Jordan much — mostly because I watch it a little differently,” the two-time Bachelorette runner-up tells Channel 33’s Bachelor Party podcast from his personal experience.

He adds, “It was like Robby had the Bachelor playbook and was just reading from it.”

Jordan Rodgers also gave Nick Viall red flags while watching the season.

“Everytime JoJo would have doubts about her and Jordan, Jordan was surprisingly falling in love.”

He recalls Week 4 in Uruguay, when both Jordan Roders and Robby Hayes got 1-on-1 dates with JoJo Fletcher, and everyone else was left in a group date. Jordan was the one to read Robby’s date card and, as Nick recalls, they jumped around and “frat boy chest bumped.”

“I’m all for bromances and I’m all for playing fair and understanding, but keep in mind at this point, Robby is ‘madly in love’’ with JoJo, and Jordan is ‘falling in love.'” he points out.

“I know what it’s like to have real feelings in that world, and it just gets weird. And you can still play nice and you can still be respectful of all the other things but it’s just weird.”

“Either they’re full of s—t in their excitement for each other, or they don’t feel these real feelings. You can’t be falling in love and be that excited about the other guy falling in love. I call bulls—t.”

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