Nick Viall Mocks Jed After His Hometown Date – ‘Jed’s Mom Can’t Keep Track Of All His Ex Girlfriends

Nick Viall is NOT happy with the Bachelorette front-runner Jed Wyatt after his hometown date with Hannah Brown.

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Hannah looks visibly upset after Jed’s mother tells her that she has ‘no opinion’ of her in a newly released sneak peek for the upcoming episode of the hometowns.

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Watch the sneak peek below!

Nick Viall watched the said teaser on Us Weekly’Instagram post and had this to say:


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Nick Viall’s also talked about Hannah Brown’s windmill moment on ET’s Roses and Rosé.

“I very much doubt that if they would have done it this week, production would have been unaware of it, and then Hannah would have not only had to admit it to the cameras, but to production. It wouldn’t be easy for her to do. So my guess is it hasn’t happened [yet],” Nick said. “It will probably happen the week and I look forward to finding out who it is — because it doesn’t seem to be Luke [Parker].”

So who does Nick think Hannah ends up in a windmill with?

“I think her relationship with Jed last night looked stronger than maybe the rest,” he continued. “So, I would say Tyler or Jed.”

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