Kaitlyn Bristowe Has This Advice For Hannah Brown Amid Sex Controversy

Kaitlyn Bristowe knows a thing or two about getting sex shamed on the internet and she has a few words of encouragementand her complete support for our current Bachelorette.

“I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me,” Hannah Brown is heard saying to Luke Parker in the promo for the Bachelorette season 15.

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“Jesus might still love her, but I’m not sure about the Bachelor Nation world,” Kaitlyn said in an interview with ET Online. “I want her to just call me. Hannah, call me. I will talk you through everything. The internet is not kind to women who talk about their sexuality. They’re just not.”

Kaitlyn called the aftermath of her night with Nick Viall “the worst” and the backlash she received from the Bachelor Nation.

“I genuinely couldn’t sleep. I would cry every night. I lost so much hair. I felt so defeated by everybody, but I was like, ‘I wouldn’t change a thing,'” she said. “Even if it didn’t work, you just don’t get to where you’re supposed to be by trying to be somebody else. So, it’s really hard.”

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“Stay strong, my friend, because you are in for a rough ride, but I am here for you,” she continues her advice for Hannah. “I really want her to reach out to the past Bachelorettes. From what it looks like, she should especially be reaching out to me. I just want to be there for these girls.”

“Buckle up and call me, because I have your back.”

“She put it out there, it’s who you are. You can’t be ashamed of it, and you just have to stand by your decisions and who you are, and it will all turn out the way it’s supposed to. Whenever you’re true to yourself, things work out. You might go through a rough patch, but in the end it’ll work out for you because being true to yourself is the best thing you can do.”


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