Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph To Get Engaged on ‘Bachelor in Paradise?’

Colton Underwood chose Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor season 23 finale and the couple decided to date for a few months before getting engaged.

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“Cassie‚Äôs religious upbringing is a huge part about why she was hesitant to get engaged to Colton,” Us Weekly reported. “They hardly knew each other and marriage is a serious commitment.”

“She grew up seeing her parents in a healthy relationship and because she had this as an example, she started to have questions about what she and Colton meant to each other.”

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The magazine also reported that Cassie has every intention of being with him and seeing where things go and she is definitely “open to all possibilities” when it comes to an engagement.

So, Bachelor in Paradise?

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The 23-year-old speech pathologist told Ryan Seacrest that she’d agree if the opportunity ever presented itself.

“If Colton were to ask me… it would be a ‘yes,'” she said. “But no rushing. We’re not rushing it though.”

“Cassie loves Colton and he makes her happy. They have the same, very religious beliefs and they are a great match. Their relationship is rooted in faith and they have a deep love for each other.”

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