Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Reveal the Real Reason They’re Doing Another Reality Show

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are back with another reality show sooner than you think!

In an interview with Glamour, Ben and Lauren revealed the reason why they signed up to do another reality show.

Glamour: Dare I say it, but did you guys miss reality TV?

Lauren Bushnell: [Laughs] No, not at all. No. We really enjoyed the last few months of just being Ben and I, to be honest. I’m pretty sure we were quoted after [The Bachelor ended] that we had no plans to continue a future in reality television, and I think that still holds true. But obviously certain opportunities come your way, and it didn’t really change our life. We were still going to be able to live our life that we’ve been living the last few months. It just made sense. It was nothing that Ben and I have sought out necessarily, and I feel like this will be very different from The Bachelor. Obviously there will be some similarities, but it’s not a dating show. This will really be our life together, and with that, nothing will change on our behalf.

Ben Higgins: As time moved on, we realized people always knew what we were doing anyway. They were checking in on us via social media, asking lots of questions, and we were taking pictures everywhere we go. We tried to get back to normal life, [but] realized very quickly that was going to be harder and we had entered into a new normal. Honestly, it became, ‘Why wouldn’t we just have our life documented again?’ because it already seems documented. It doesn’t seem like we’re stepping out into anything [new].

Glamour: Will we see any Bachelor alum on the show?

Lauren: I’m sure there will be. Obviously, a lot of the people that we’ve met through the show have become really close friends. I hope that some of my friends are there. Ben and I have a really good group of friends, and some of them do include Bachelor alums. We both made really solid friendships from the show, and hopefully there will be some familiar faces.


Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After will premiere on Freeform this fall.

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