Arie Explains Why He Gave Krystal a Rose Despite Her ‘Irrational Blow-Up’

Arie Jr finally explains why he gave Krystal a rose on this weeks episode of The Bachelor.

Here’s what he wrote in an exclusive blog for PEOPLE.

“​I was truly shocked that the bowling date caused so much drama. I thought the idea of a friendly competition for time at the cocktail party was fun, but after reflecting I decided that it would be nice to invite all of the women. At the end of the day, finding love and finding my future wife is one of the most important decisions of my entire life and maybe a bowling competition shouldn’t dictate who I spend time with. It was an honest change of heart!

​The fallout after the bowling date was one of the most disappointing and stressful parts of my time as the Bachelor. Krystal’s actions were confusing and misguided. There are two sides to every coin, though. For all the obvious disappointment I felt about Krystal, I felt equal parts pride and connection to the women who came to my defense.

Bekah and Kendall really put themselves out there to defend me and my actions, and it says so much about their character that they were willing to speak out on behalf of me.

That was also the night where Lauren B. and I really deepened our relationship. We finally got past some of the basics and started connecting on a deeper level.

I know after all that happened this week many people will question keeping Krystal. The thing about love is it’s not always easy. It’s not all exotic dates and romantic one-on-ones and sunsets. She told me she was stressed and made a mistake and got angry. I’ve made mistakes and been upset about things I shouldn’t have been upset about. We all do that, it’s human. Was it a red flag for me personally? Yes, totally. I still, to this day, see the events very differently from her.

The choice to not join the cocktail party was pretty immature and irrational. But the connection Krystal and I had that first week in Scottsdale was real and I wasn’t ready to throw it away just because she was having a hard week. That didn’t seem fair because we’ve all had irrational blow-ups before.”

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