Sydney’s Classmate Just Called Her A ‘Mean Girl’ & ‘The Biggest Bully’ On Twitter, She Responds

Sydney Hightower opened up to Peter Weber about her High School bullying on their one-on-one date.

She was soon accused for lying about bullying on Twitter.

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Sydney was called out by high school classmates who claimed she was one of the biggest bullies in county high.

One of Sydney Hightower’s classmates, Jacie Clark shared photos from her Tuscaloosa County High School yearbook and called Sydney a “mean girl” and a “bully.”

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Here’s what she wrote to Sydney:

“You were one of the biggest bullies in county high. I distinctly remember you. I haven’t said one negative thing. I’ve only shared the photos in the yearbook. I have never discredited your racial stories.

I know you and your friends destroyed each other’s stuff back and forth. Shame on YOU for back tracking most of your high school experience and trying to crap all over your peers and highschool.

You DEF have yet to grow from highschool I see. Protruding this story of how your everyday was so terrible. I remember trying to be friends with you and you were a MEAN girl. I can own up to my highschool experience, it’s sad that you cannot own up to YOUR part in it.”

Here’s how Sydney responded to Clark’s comments via a DM.

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“Shame on you. Shame on you for spreading hate and trying to construe something on the internet to hurt another human begin. I don’t know you, but I do remember you from Highschool and your social group did not care for me. And that’s okay. Because I would never want the approval of hateful, racist human beings.

I’m not sure of the things you have through in your life. But I do know mine. And the things I’ve been through my whole life for having an African American father and a white mother, the struggles I have had to face, the hate that I have had to fight just because of the fact that I am bi racial [sic] are astounding.

I did eat my lunch in the bathroom stalls, I did have to wipe ‘n— lover’ and ‘half breed’ and ‘monkey nose’ off my car windows and pavement. But you will never know those struggles, and that’s a blessing. I feel sad for you, and I’m sorry that you have not grown as a human being since high school. I

hope you know that I will be praying for you and I hope you know this will not affect me, but it did hurt me that you would try to diminish my pain, and my struggles because of the beauty pageants and clubs I entered into, to just try to be accepted. You are welcome to screenshot this and share it as well if you see fit. Have a great night.”

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“I have so many people from school recalling you as a bully. A huge one,” Jacie Clark tweeted with the screenshots of the DM from sydney.

“Everyone who has messaged me has had the same experience with you. Let that sink in.” she replied to Sydney.

Uh oh!

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