15 Surprising Facts and Secrets You Didn’t Know About The Bachelor

Here are 15 surprising facts and behind-the-scenes secrets from The Bachelor franchise that you probably didn’t know about.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette doesn’t have a say in the casting. Although they do get a chance to provide input on the type of partner they’re looking for 

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Each season takes about seven to eight weeks to shoot.

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The rose ceremonies take WAY longer than they look. Rose ceremonies can last till 3 or 4 in the morning, with filming even going as long as 7 A.M. on some nights! 

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The contestants have to bring all their own clothes, make up, and accessories with them. The show only provides wardrobe choices for the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, and the two finalists during the finale.

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Bachelor Mansion is actually a family home located in a suburb of Los Angeles, California, called Agoura Hills. A family with four children live in the Bachelor mansion when the show’s not filming. Twice a year, they move out for 42 consecutive days to accommodate filming. All their belonging are placed in storage while producers paint and completely redecorate their house for the show.

When you see contestants meet their family members during hometown dates, it really is the first time they’ve seen them in a long time because they cannot talk to their family before the hometown dates unless it’s a family emergency.

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The contestants also do their own cooking and laundry at the house. Reportedly, the kitchen’s kept well-stocked with lots of candy and a reportedly awesome snack drawer. Lauren Bushnell claimed that she gained 12 pounds during her time on the show thanks to the feasting, the snack drawer and the wine.

While contestants don’t get paid for being on the show, The Bachelor or Bachelorette are paid reportedly around $100,000 per season. Emily Maynard is the highest paid lead and she was reportedly paid $250,000.

The contestants and the lead don’t actually get to eat any of the nice food on the fancy dates. Contestants eat at the hotels before the date so that they don’t obstruct their microphones with eating food during heartfelt conversations.

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The average Bachelor contestant is 25 and wears a size 6.

Stay together for two years after the show — or give up the Bling!  If a couple gets engaged on the show, they have to be together at least two years if they want to keep the Neil Lane diamond. If they wish to sell the ring after that time period, they have to provide ABC with advance written notice.

The hometown dates aren’t always their actual homes. Lots of times, contestants will reportedly use a wealthy relative’s home to film their hometown date episode in.

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The Bachelor and Bachelorette doesn’t have a say in the casting. Although they do get a chance to provide input on the type of partner they’re looking for 

The show supposedly doesn’t supply condoms in the fantasy suite and the fantasy suite date doesn’t ALWAYS mean sex. 

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Producers help the Bachelor/Bachelorette remember contestants’ names. If you’ve ever wondered how the leads remember the names of 30 strangers on the first rose ceremony, the producers reportedly help the Bachelor or Bachelorette remember the contestant’s names with flashcards and photos. OR the lead takes a break after handing out 3 or 4 roses.
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During filming, the contestants aren’t allowed to have cell phones, computers, magazines, music, or even books.

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