Raven Gates Slams Corinne Olympios – ‘My Mother Raised Me To Speak The Truth..

Raven Gates is finally speaking out about the ‘alleged misconduct’ between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

According to Radar Online, Raven took to Facebook to share what she witnessed between Corinne and DeMario on set in Mexico.

“My mom raised me to speak the truth even when I would be scrutinized or judged for it,” Raven started out. “But right is right and wrong is wrong. I stand 100% with my friend Jasmine Goode. As an eyewitness myself, a friend of Corinne‘s, and as a woman I would have stepped in if she needed me.”

“I am SICK to my stomach for the pain DeMario is going through,” she continued. “I love Corinne but she was VERY COHERENT that day.”

“After this incident she proceeded to make out with 3 other men, straddling them, and jumping on them,” she wrote. “I witnessed this myself. Along with her saying that her boyfriend was going to be mad at her.”

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